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Thursday, 11 August 2022 11.43 PM IST

Pathetic roads that inconvenience public


The deplorable condition of the roads in the state is subject that needs to be retold. On one side are roads that have been in a state of disrepair for years. On the other side of the roads damaged by prolonged rains and intermittent floods. Water Authority goes on to repair roads that do not seem to be too bad to be repaired.
It is true that the Authority has undertaken the great task of providing drinking water to all households. At the same time they show no interest in restoring the dug roads. There are many complaints being raised in this regard across the state. After pipes are laid, it may take a while to make sure everything is working properly. Sometimes people do not understand that the roads have to be dilapidated for years. It was not too long before the Minister of Public Works raised his voice against the Water Authority's position that it was the responsibility of the public works department to restore the road after digging it.

The Water Authority will have its own arguments. Nowadays, most of the work can be done in less time. Modern systems are available for digging and laying pipes on roads. But it is unknown till what time will the pits remain uncovered.
Pits for installing manholes often lead to accidents. A warning board will be set up when someone falls into them and dies. Apart for drinking water pipe works in cities, roads also have to be demolished to install sewage systems. Without proper planning, work can sometimes take months.

The Water Authority is currently working on a project in the capital. Traffic has been disrupted due to pipe work on several major roads. Motorists come to know that they will not be able to move forward only after approaching the dug roads. At least one sign board is not erected to indicate diversion. Authorities need to take a more pragmatic approach in such matters.

An accurate timetable is essential for any work on the streets. It should be advertised to the public at the work site. The billboards should have the names and phone numbers of the officers to be approached in case of indefinite extension of work. This will help to make the officials in charge of the work more diligent and ensure commitment. The Minister of Maintenance had recently taken steps to bring in a new system to ensure public co-operation and participation in the repair work. Further quality assurance can be ensured by assigning oversight responsibilities to members of the public at work sites. Contractors can also be guided to a certain extent. This system can definitely be adopted by the Water Authority. It will also significantly reduce the suffering of the people. The practice of digging roads occasionally and obstructing traffic at the same time is also not desirable. The Water Authority should show some mercy to those who come out on the streets with vehicles.

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