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Thursday, 11 August 2022 11.56 PM IST

Language and Cinema


The ability to speak is the greatest gift man has ever acquired. No other living being has had that luck. Language, the means of communication, can be used to make others happy and upset. How to speak in public falls within the scope of individual freedom, but a harsh response is certain if it crosses the line. What Thiruvalluvar has said that know the venue and then speak is a principle to be underlined. Only speak politely in front an audience of women and children. If a person decides to speak abusive language in the name of personal freedom, he can be prosecuted for insulting the public. The Constitution does not allow any citizen to walk around naked, declaring that clothing is a prison. Everyone is obliged to exercise self-control in terms of language and behaviour in relation to the society in which he or she lives.

Jai Bhim is a Tamil film that has recently been released on OTT in Tamil. The theme of the film is the struggle for justice of a woman from the Irula community whose rights have been violated for centuries. In real life, they use some vulgar language under the pressure of life circumstances. Not a single swear word is used in the film in the name of reality. The power of the film has not been lost in its name. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. But no one should misunderstand that obscene language only gives strength and attention to the film.

A film that came to OTT in Kerala recently has been controversial due to the abundance of obscene language used in it. It is foolish to think that anything can be shown in an art form that comes into the public domain in the name of freedom of expression. Do not glorify the risks involved in trying such techniques for selling the art form. Doing so would deprive the OTT of the freedom it currently enjoys.

Circuses like this have been shown by many in the early days of modern literature. A literary work or a movie need not be good because it uses some words or descriptions that shock the society. Over time, such words and descriptions have become a thing of the past. Some bad words have been used in unavoidable situations in some of the films that have been released before in OTT itself. No one has strongly opposed it. But in this controversial film, the hurling of abuses takes place from the beginning till the end. Those behind it may feel that this is a great revolution. This is not how the revolution in cinema is brought about. One's mental oppression is not the one that can be vomited out in front of society. More talent and ability is needed to present the film politely.

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