Night Riders! Hibi Eden puts ‘busy husbands’ to shame


Most husbands don’t find enough time to take their wives for a ride in their vehicles, or spend some quality time with them. And most of them justify this by giving the lame excuse that they have busy work schedules. Hibi Eden, the MP-elect from the Ernakulam Lok Sabha constituency stands out in this regard. Those lazy husbands should be learning a thing or two from him, says the social media.

After his mind-blowing triumph in the just concluded Lok Sabha elections, Hibi went straight to his wife, Anna Eden to take her out on his Royal Enfield bullet through Kochi city in the night. Little did they know, the photo they posted, posing as the lovely couple seated atop the bike would become increasingly ‘viral’ on social media. Social media users went rushing to congratulate Hibi Eden and his wife on his glorious victory.