Online porn causes record rise in number of men seeking for penis fillers


The porn industry has grown over the past few years with several people across the globe having access to adult content on the internet. With this rise in viewership, effects of porn on people and their sex lives have also become a cause for concern.

Now it has been revealed that online porn has triggered a record rise in the number of men opting for fillers to make their penis look bigger. Clinics have reported a 70 per cent rise in number of people seeking the injections over the past three years.

Meanwhile experts expressed concern over the injection which has a chemical used to sooth wrinkles. They said that this might lead to complications and even cause impotence.

They added that some of these men may be driven by unrealistic expectations fuelled by porn. In the past few years bizarre procedures involving people having their own fat or blood injected to increase penis length and girth have become popular.