Didn't BJP poach CPM leaders also in Bengal? V D Satheeshan takes jibe at Pinarayi


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Earlier on Friday, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan ridiculed the Congress saying that Congress men in Karnataka had been poached by the BJP.

After several hours Congress MLA V D Satheeshan came out to pay back in the same coin.“Didn’t the BJP poach CPM leaders also in Bengal? First, remove the dust from your own eyes and then speak about the dust in others’ eyes.”

Satheeshan asked whether the chief minister had nothing to say about BJP taking away CPM leaders. “Pinarayi should have opposed BJP’s horse-trading instead of making fun of the Congress.”

Pinarayi had commented that Congress leaders are like goats who went behind when they were shown jack-fruit leaves. “We can’t trust the Congress. We can’t say who all from Congress will migrate to the BJP. They are the butt of ridicule today. What the Congress does now is supplying workers to the BJP. The Congress is going behind the money that is flowed by the BJP,” the CM had said in Thiruvananthapuram.